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Drywall finishing – or taping and mudding – is the most challenging part of drywall installation, and it’s where amateur drywallers run into the most problems. It is an art form. An exceptional finishing job is essential for a smooth paint job. With over 35 years of drywall experience exclusively, our drywall finishing services ensure a seamless, professional aesthetic throughout your home.

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Drywall Finishing is an Art Form

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  • Do you want the plumber who fixed your toilet doing your drywall finishing and repair work?
  • Are you assuming that the handyman who put up new shelves or fixed your door also has drywall finishing expertise?
  • A good taper can make the worst sheetrock hanger look good.  Not all rockers are finishers.
  • Professionally finished drywall makes your home look like new and ready for fresh paint.

What we do

Hang Sheetrock, Wall Holes Patched, Drywall Finishing, Wall Repairs, Textures and More

Wall Repairs

Maybe you nicked your wall or need to cover a hole. Perhaps your house has settled over the years and you have wall cracks.  This is perfectly normal and really detracts from the beauty of your home.

Collegeville Drywall has seen and repaired it all in over 30 years of drywall experience. When we arrive to give you an on-site estimate, many times we can come prepared to start your job immediately if you so choose.

We have repaired holes in walls made by homeowners when trying to hit a stud as they hang pictures.  No job is too small.  


Drywall Taping & Finishing

You just bought a new home and find that some of the drywall tape is failing. Particularly on new construction, this is common. Sheetrock joints are sealed with paper tape that is applied with joint compound, commonly called “mud.” 


A quality outcome requires experience and expertise.  A skilled taper can hide a lot of mistakes left behind by framers and drywall hangers.  A poor taping job will cause trouble for painters and trim carpenters. 

Problems arise when the initial layer of mud dries before the paper tape can be fully imbedded into it. This is common and over time, the tape can separate from the wall.

Professional Drywall Finishing Makes Your Home Look Fresh & Ready for Paint

Collegeville Drywall Employee On-Site

Finished Formal Living Room with Arched Windows

Finished Drywall Project by Collegeville Drywall
Home in Toms River, NJ

Drywall Finished Foyer

Project by Collegeville Drywall
Skippack, PA

Finished Kitchen

This kitchen was completely remodeled with new appliances, cabinets, floor, etc.
Collegeville Drywall did all of the wall work.

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