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Drywall is more art than science.  Done properly, it is labor intensive, dusty and dirty.  Homeowners, handymen and even sheetrock hangers typically do not have the experience or expertise to make your walls look as good as a professional drywall finisher can. 

We are drywall repair and finishing experts; we are not handymen.  Give us a call  text us at (484) 213-3269 today.

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Sheetrock Patchwork, Drywall Repairs, Water Damage Repair, Taping and Finishing, Drywall Textures, Acoustic Popcorn Removal


Maybe you nicked the wall or need to cover a hole with some patchwork. Collegeville Drywall has seen and repaired it all in over 30 years of drywall experience.  Professional drywall repair and maintenance is important to keep your home looking great. When we give an estimate on site, we can arrive ready to get your job done immediately if you so choose.  

We won’t just patch to make necessary repairs. We take measures to identify why and how the drywall was damaged and take steps to prevent the problem from happening again. If the drywall is beyond repair, we will remove the damaged drywall and  install new drywall.

 Our drywall patchwork services can take care of damage from:

  • Cracks from house settling

  • Damage from water leaks or moisture
  • Normal wear and tear in your home or building
  • Holes from drywall anchors
  • Door knob holes
  • Damage from other contractors, e.g., handmen, plumbers, electricians and more.


Storms and rain can cause severe water damage to your drywall or ceilings.  Bad plumbing causes water damage, particularly when water filters through cracks or worn-out pipe gaskets.   We have seen the damage from washers overflowing to the ceiling below.  These are very common problems that we fix everyday for homeowners.  We frequently see areas like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and the garage with water damage.

Loose roof shingles can become an entry point for moisture and rain water. By the time most people notice the damage in the ceiling, the damage has already run its course and requires replacing the sheetrock.

When you have a water leak, roof damage, or flood of any kind, it can leave your walls damaged. Finding the source of a leak usually involves removing areas of drywall.   In many cases, after the source of the water is fixed, you are left with stained walls and ceilings.  Please do not even consider having your plumber repair your walls.

Collegeville Drywall will bring back the original beauty in your walls.  You will never know you had any water damage at all when we are finished.


Patchwork and wall repairs are typically followed by the application of drywall texture. There are basically two kinds of texture – hand texture and spray texture.

To obtain a plaster texture look, we use a skip trowel.   Although this process is labor intensive and time consuming, it makes a dramatic difference to the appearance of walls and ceilings. Typically, smooth walls and ceilings give homes a custom look.  While working in California, we did a lot of spray textures known as orange peel and knock down.

The art of drywall texture becomes obvious when you see a poor texture job. There may be “stop” or “start” marks or areas that do not match. A well-done drywall texture match may seem like important

When texturing walls, many people also decide to replace square corners with bullnose rounded-style corners.  This is a lot more work, but the result is elegant. 

We have worked on every type of wall you can imagine. 


Finishing drywall is an art form. An exceptional finishing job is essential for a perfect paint job on your walls.  Paint will never cover a poor finishing job.  Our drywall finishing services ensure a seamless, professional aesthetic throughout your home.

  • Drywall Mudding
  • Sanding
  • Drywall Seam and Joint Taping
  • Repair large holes from wiring installations, hung fixtures, and shelves.
  • Remove and replace drywall sheetrock that is too damaged to repair.
  • Inspect drywall cracks and wall separations.
  • Patch small holes from screws and anchors so you have a smooth wall surface.

More than Just Drywall Repair

In cases where drywall has been damaged from poor ventilation, we can not only perform the needed repairs, but we can inspect the area to determine if you should have better ventilation installed. We will patch the drywall and even repaint your room.

If you’re looking for drywall repair services or drywall finishers near you, reach out to Collegeville Drywall to discuss your project. We’ll get job done right the first time, guaranteed!


Interested in having acoustic popcorn removed from your ceiling or  perhaps need ceiling repair patchhing and resurfacing? 

Following an acoustic popcorn removal,  all holes would be repaired.  We will coat the entire ceiling with drywall mud and then sand it down.  

Textured popcorn ceilings were very popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and we do find many condo complexes where it is still used.

Many homeowners today do not like popcorn ceilings and want them removed. We will take care of that for you.

If you are thinking of selling your home and want to make sure that your walls look their best, we suggest acoustic ceiling removal.  It can even be more important that furniture staging.

We will then refinish your ceiling or walls, therefore giving you a beautiful new ceiling and walls. No more ugly popcorn or “cottage cheese” ceiling.

Serving Our Local Neighbors

We are your neighbors who are committed to serving local homeowners and small businesses with old-fashioned, friendly, and reliable drywall service.

All work estimates are free to you.

We Fix Drywall Mistakes

If you want a professional look in your home, we suggest that you do not attempt your own drywall taping and finishing. We have even seen sheetrock hung backwards and taping that just peels off.

Can you imagine paying for a drywall repair and finishing project and having it done totally wrong? We fix mistakes made by contractors and handymen all the time. Drywall is our only focus.

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